What we do

We Build Firearms

Our number one thing is building firearms. We use 7075 Billet Aluminum to construct every single Tailored Arms AR Platform firearm. CNC and milling is done offsite at our US-based manufacturer, JL Billet. We then receive our parts and begin the process of Sandblasting, Acetone-bathing, and finally Cerakote painting. After the Cerakote is fully cured we then proceed to assemble our AR’s. For our Sig Sauer and Glock Pistols the process differs a bit. We start from genuine Sig Sauer FCU’s and work our way up into adding custom billet aluminum frames and custom slides. On Glocks we use genuine Glock serialized frames and then work our way up into customizing it with new slides, backplates, baseplates, etc. Sky is the limit when it comes to customization and what we can do for your build.

We Cerakote®

Besides building firearms, we offer Cerakote services for those looking to change the look of their current firearm. This involves completely stripping the gun down and sandblasting to bare metal. Afterwards we do an Acetone bath on the parts that were sandblasted in order to decontaminate and degrease. We apply Cerakote colors and then proceed to cure the parts on our industrial oven. You can read more about Cerakote and it’s benefits here:

We Laser Engrave and Stipple

Using the latest in Laser Engraving technology, we are able to engrave on various metals. From Steel, Aluminum, Brass, and even Magnesium, we achieve deep engraving through the use of lasers. An image is meticulously custom made for the project, and we then use the image to create an imprint into the metal. Afterwards the metal is cleaned and can be finished off with Cerakote or we can shoot clear coat to seal the raw metal and prevent it from rusting/corroding.

Stippling is basically the same thing but we make use of the laser to custom make a brand new grip on your firearm! This process is achieved on Glock platform as well as AR A2 grips and Sig Sauer platform frames. We first develop a custom made grip suited to the customers vision, then we sand down the manufacturers original grip.The new grip pattern is layed out in a way so that it’s hard to leave the palm of the hand (we want the grip to be fully functial as well as aestheticall/visually pleasing) and that the firearm stays exactly where it needs to be. Stippling can be done over sanded down parts of the pistol frame, or we can Cerakote and then stipple over the colors. Want to know more? Click here:

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