Laser engraving is a process that vaporizes materials into fumes to engrave permanent, deep marks. The laser beam acts as a chisel, incising marks by removing layers from the surface of the material. The laser hits localized areas with massive levels of energy to generate the high heat required for vaporization. This means that we cut into metals using high-powered lasers to create an image as if it was engraved.

Can you LASER ENGRAVE any image?

The short answer, yes. The long answer: On some images it depends on the copyright and trademark of said image. With laser engraving we do ALL IMAGES in-house. This means we have to either convert or start from scratch on an image the customer wants engraved onto their firearms. We also do fully custom images and engravings for customers that are looking for something to set their builds apart.

We can do pictures Laser Marked onto metal or onto Cerakote.

We can deep engrave simple vectors, even complicated vectors onto metals.

We also deep engrave and then Cerakote over (or vice versa) for added depth and feel.

Why LASER ENGRAVE? Why not traditional?

Laser Engraving affords us to make laser-precise cuts onto metals, like never before. Sometimes we don’t have to use CNC due to having Laser Engraving capabilities. Deep cuts usually takes a few hours as opposed to running a fully CNC machine which takes time and programming. Our images come out ridiculously detailed and ultra sharp.

We do not offer traditional engraving due to time constraints and it being a skill worthy of years of honing experience. What usually take months in the making by hand we can closely replicate in a weeks time.

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